Frequently Asked Questions

What law firm is this and what is this for?: 

We are working with several attorneys to help people.  Your potential claim is in great hands.   All of these claims will likely be unified under one settlement under one judge under a single legal action. Now is the time for you to sign the contract so that the law firm can start processing your claim to get your settlement. 

Law Firm of Nhan Nguyen:  Dr. Nguyen is both a physician and a lawyer.  They are a Houston firm with ample experience with large cases like this.  He worked on the Purdue Pharma opioid claims and the Boy Scout bankruptcy. 

Robins Cloud Law Firm:  Robins Cloud is a national firm with offices in Houston.  It is headed up by Bill Robins who is a nationally known trial lawyer.  The law firm is very experienced in large mass tort litigations.  They have an excellent reputation working for people who have injured and harmed. 

D. Miller and Associates:  Darren Miller and Associates is a Houston Law Firm with excellent experience in personal injury cases.  They have handled thousands of claims for people who have suffered.  They will work hard to get the best results possible for your claim. 

Brent Coon and Associates:  Brent Coon and Associates is led by Brent Coon, a nationally known trial lawyer.  This firm has tremendous experience in dealing with large corporations that have harmed innocent people, like British Petroleum.  The law firm has years of experience helping people harmed by natural disasters especially hurricane damage. 

Does this cost anything?      

This is a contingent contract. The Legal Assist Group is not on commission and does NOT charge the claimants for any of their services.   A law firm will submit a claim on your behalf and will fight to get you the largest cash settlement possible.   The law firms are paid only if you receive a settlement.      

How did you get my name? 

You had recently responded to an outreach on Facebook regarding the Texas Winter Power Outage and your options for a legal recovery and possible compensation for damages.  The outreach was sponsored by a consortium of law firms at the forefront of the recovery effort and are now accepting claims as the matter moves toward a full statewide Texas settlement tort.   

Who is the Legal Assist Group and the Attorneys Involved? 

With the large numbers of claims being submitted into the potential settlement , they selected law firms are utilizing the Legal Assist Group to contact, screen, and assist all qualified applicants to help get them through the process. 

Is this suing my insurance company?  

No, we are collecting information to submit a claim on your behalf. Who that claim is submitted to are yet to be determined.  All of these claims will likely be unified under one settlement under one judge under a single legal action.  If that does not occur or the offer is not high enough, you will have the option to pursue other options. This in no way impacts your ability to make an insurance claim.    


We work with several law firms who are remarkably skilled at handling business claims. Many of our Texas-based law firms have previously handled businesses that were impacted by hurricanes, floods, and the Gulf Oil Spill. These claims can include property damages and lost revenue due to business interruptions. If you have a question regarding an existing or potential business claim, please contact us using the contact form on this page.

Changing contact information 

If you need to change or update your contact information, please fill out the contact form on this page and one of our agents will address the issue as soon as possible.