New Clients

Brent Coon & Associates and several other law firms have joint ventured together in this important litigation. We thank you for retaining us to represent you.  This litigation is going to involve tens of thousands of Texans who were without power for days on end during Texas’ February 2021 deep freeze. We were not only the first law firm to file suit against the Power Generators and Power Transmission/Distribution Companies, but we obtained the first Temporary Restraining Order against them to prevent their destruction of evidence.

This lawsuit is brought on behalf of Texans who suffered loss of life and/or who sustained personal injuries, damage to their property and/or other losses during the February 2021 cold weather because the Texas Power Generators and Power Transmission/Distribution Companies failed to properly prepare for such cold weather and/or otherwise failed to properly conduct their operations, and as a result failed to supply Texans in more than 4 million households, with safe and reliable electricity during this their time of greatest need. 

From time to time, we will ask for your help and participation to prepare your case.  Our firm’s history of successful negotiations in complex litigation like this is directly attributable to how well we prepare our cases, but we cannot do it without your help.

We will file a lawsuit on your behalf and proceed through the litigation process to a trial on the merits of your case.  Again, thousands of cases are being filed and it is important to remember that it could take a number of years to get any of these cases to trial or a final resolution if we cannot get satisfactory settlements early in the litigation. 

As we are receiving a large volume of inquiries and incoming cases at this time, it may take some time to complete the intake process.  We appreciate your patience as this may be one of the largest litigations the State of Texas has ever seen.  Once intakes are completed and your case is filed, the Court may require additional weeks to intake all the cases filed before it begins to issue orders in the litigation.  Once we receive these orders from the Court, we will advise you of the next steps via email and request additional information the Court requires.  It is extremely important you save all notes, invoices, pictures and written support of your damages in the meantime.  You can expect the entire litigation will be a very large and lengthy process.

Thank you again for choosing Brent Coon & Associates and its joint venture law firms to represent you in this matter and we look forward to working with you on this very important case.