BCA/Robins Cloud Press and Media Releases

  • TRO Secured in Texas Power Disaster Cases
    Following the Harris county “master complaint” against hundreds of utility generators, power plants, and retailers, Judge Mike Engelhart has issued a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) today at 2:40 pm that filed by Brent Coon & Associates and Robins Cloud LLP. The TRO prohibits the defendant from destroying evidence associated with the massive blackout in February[…]
  • Law Firms File “Master Petition” Suing Hundreds of Utility Providers
    HIGH POWERED NATIONAL LAW FIRMS FORM LEGAL CONSORTIUM AND FILE “MASTER PETITION” SUING HUNDREDS OF UTILITY GENERATORS AND PROVIDERS ON BEHALF OF THOUSANDS OF TEXAS CONSUMERS FOR FREEZE RELATED DAMAGES Two national plaintiff powerhouse law firms, Brent Coon & Associates and Robins Cloud, LLP, have jointly filed the first rounds of freeze victim claims against[…]