Frequently Asked Questions – Coming Soon

Texas Power Collapse FAQ’s

We are currently assembling our Frequently Asked Questions from conversations with real clients. The coming content will answer all of these questions and more

Legal  Matters

Describe the legal landscape What is this all about – is this a Law Suit?  Settlement? Bankruptcy? Class Action? – some even say I might need a lawyer to help with my insurance claim – can you help me make sense of this?

Who are we suing?  The Power Generators?  Suppliers? The PEC? The Texas government?  ERCOT?  And why should they/would they give me money? 

How much money can I anticipate to get?

My insurance company is taking care of me, why would I want to participate?

My insurance company is not giving me the value of what I lost and my deductible is high, Can I participate in this AND a separate law suit for insurance?

My family works in the oil and gas industry – isn’t this like suing the home team?

Some of the power companies are waiving their fee if I DON’T sue – suppose I lose and then have to pay that big utility bill I could have gotten out of?

Describe the process – basically the process going forward – what happens next, what happens overall.

If I do go ahead, what time frame can I anticipate until I would receive some kind of settlement? Now long is this going to last? When will I get the money?

Is this like one of those class actions where I get $11 and the attorneys get rich?

Tell me AGAIN, there is ZERO change of me being on the hook for any costs.

Bottom line, what do I have to lose? Is there anything negative that can occur by my participation (risk aspect).

How does this impact or relate to the insurance claim I was/am going to file? – are there any conflicts there? Are there are conflicts anywhere (ie: FEMA)?   Does this affect SSDI?


What are the types of damages that might not be obvious?

What actually constitutes “personal injury”

How do I figure out how much I lost in dollars? Will we sue just for the amount I lost? How do you figure out the dollar amount, is this worth it if I only lost $1,000 in damages.

How do I prove what I have lost?

I’m an independent contractor. Hard to put a dollar amount on the loss. What do I do?


Can’t we negotiate the attorney’s fees, cause those seem very high…Why would I not want to hire my own attorney locally if they give me a better rate? (describe the benefit of going with one of these lawyers working on this). When I look at the fee split up, it adds up to 100% does that mean I get nothing? (describing the break out of multiple firms sharing the fee).

What are “expenses”? Can they add up and I get nothing?

Are expenses shared by everyone? Depend on amount of each claim?

Who are ya’ll anyway? And who is this attorney/law firms involved?  And how do I know this whole thing is legit? 

Is it “approved” by any org body, anyone “official”?

Sign-Up Stuff

Is there really any urgency to sign up early/now vs waiting?

How do I let relatives (and or friends) know about this?

Do husbands/wives/immediate family members make separate claims and under what circumstances?

Who can I file for – death, family member, spouse?

What is the submission process?

Why do you need my insurance info, they are taking care of me and I don’t want to sue them?

If I realize I made an error in accuracy or omission while submitting info in the process, what do I do?

Something that addresses the automation – i.e. a response to “I want to speak with an attorney first” Why do I have to fill this out before I talk to an attorney?

Why do you want my personal info – SS, driver’s license etc.?

Is this (the retainer a binding contract – can I change my mind, get out of it, etc. – or am I trapped?

So who is the Legal Assist Group and do they work for you?